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Foolish Virgins Ceilidh Band
The Foolish Virgins Ceilidh Band are a group of professional musicians who have recorded no fewer than 30 CD’s and records between them.
They have entertained audiences in venues ranging from village halls to Scottish Castles.
Although the majority of bookings are for weddings they also play for fund raisers, birthdays and corporate events etc.
Their dress code will suit all occasions from casual to full formal evening wear, and their music, played on accordion, fiddle, guitar and banjo, comes from England, Ireland, America, Scotland and Europe.
The band comes with a ‘Caller’ whose job it is to explain the steps and formations of the dances and to keep the evening going with a swing.
All sound and lighting equipment is up to date with ‘P.A.T.’ testing and they also carry third party liability insurance.
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